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Bakithi Kumalo

Mar Hotel Indigo and Long Island Winterfest Present Bakithi Kumalo

Bakithi Kumalo

Long Island Winterfest brings old friends together and we’re excited to reunite with one of ours, Bakithi Kumalo. Bakithi is a famous bass player currently touring with Paul Simon, and sometimes special guest, Sting. But he is on break and coming back home for an amazing musical happening right here, Long Island Winterfest. This Friday, March 6 Bakithi will be playing at Hotel Indigo East End, and we couldn’t be happier. We had the opportunity to talk to our friend about growing up to become an internationally known bass player, his love for Long Island and his involvement in Winterfest.

Becoming Bakithi Kumalo

Bakithi Kumalo grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa during apartheid. Despite the turmoil, he and his family looked toward music for peace. His mother and grandmother were church singers and his uncle and cousins were musicians. So, finding his musical expertise wasn’t hard. Bakithi experienced the community coming together at an early age. He often played with his neighbors, so when he finally made his move to Long Island, he enjoyed the community gathering of Long Island Winterfest.


Bakithi Kumalo and Long Island

In 1986, artist Paul Simon brought Bakithi to the United States after recording Simon’s comeback album, Graceland. Bakithi fell in love with Long Island and to this day still plays all over the island with aspiring musicians, students and anyone else who is up for a jam session. Bakithi often plays in Stony Brook and has even played with Paul Simon at the Montauk Lighthouse. The community, beaches and landscape of Long Island are what attract Bakithi Kumalo.

“Whatever you do, do it right. Live life to the fullest. It’s about the good times, so look through the bad. And be peaceful.” – Bakithi Kumalo

Bakithi believes in the importance of playing locally and connecting with other community members, as he did in South Africa. Bakithi recognizes the undiscovered talent on Long Island and often plays with aspiring musicians to provide the opportunity of moving forward in their musical career.

Bakithi Kumalo and Long Island Winterfest

Bakithi has been a part of Long Island Winterfest since the first festival in 2006. His support and involvement are greatly appreciated. Bakithi enjoys the friendships he develops at different venues and the good vibes the festival emits. He is awed by the community involvement and despite his busy schedule, always wants to be a part of it. At Hotel Indigo East End, we admire Bakithi Kumalo’s success and appreciate his humble and open nature. Each year we delight in seeing Bakithi showcase his passion and talent on our stage. His eclectic taste and charisma make every one of his performances, especially this year’s, a reason to look forward to Friday night.

This year Bakithi Kumalo will be performing at our restaurant and lounge, Bistro 72, so be sure to join for a night of great music, dinner and drinks. Dance the night away to Bakithi and friends, or just jam with a cocktail. Whatever you choose we hope you will celebrate Long Island Winterfest with us, as it promises to be a night to remember. For reservations or more information, please call the Hotel directly at 631.369.2200 or to make reservations for Bistro 72, call 631.369.3325.