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Dec 3 Amazing Historical Sites to See This Winter

Long Island’s got an even longer history. Check out these historical sites during your next trip out of town.

1. See Walt Whitman’s Birthplace

One of America’s greatest poet, Walt Whitman, was born in a small farmhouse in rural Long Island. In 1957, The Walt Whitman Birthplace Association successfully petitioned the  Governor to designate the home a New York State Historic Site. Since then the building has gone through numerous renovations, leaving the exterior very close to how it must have looked during the poet’s lifetime. During the winter it’s open Wednesday – Friday, 1-4 and Saturday – Sunday, 11-4. Admission is only $6 Adults, $5 Seniors/Veterans and $4 Students. Children under 5 get in free.

2. Explore the Vanderbilt Mansion, Museum & Planetarium

See the beautiful Spanish-Revival era mansion of William K. Vanderbilt, an heir to the Vanderbilt fortune and businessman in his own right. It is one of the few surviving estates on the North Shore of Long Island and a virtually unscathed preservation of the opulent lifestyle along Long Island’s Gold Coast during that time.

3. Visit The Big Duck

If you’re a fan of quirky statues, you’ll love the Big Duck. Only a 10-minute drive away from our hotel lives a 20-foot tall, 30-foot long duck-shaped building. Martin Maurer, a duck farmer, built the giant bird in 1931 to help sell his Peking ducks to passerbys. It remains to this day one of the famous examples of roadside architecture. Architects still often refer to such novelty structures as “ducks.”

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