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Mar How Long Island’s Bellport Brewing Co. Got Its Start

“I make beers that I would like to drink.”

This is the philosophy of Brian Baker, the head brewer and owner of local craft brewery, Bellport Brewing Co. His love for brewing started through homebrewing and joining homebrewers clubs on Long Island. After years of practice and absorbing knowledge from others around him, Brian took his interest to another level and took the Beer Judge Certification Program to study the flavors and flaws that make up beer.

“I did more research and sampling of beers to see if I can pick out what the beer is made out of and why ingredients give off different flavors. I tried brewing again and it was significantly better. Each time I found out why the beer wasn’t exactly how I wanted it and researched how to make it taste and look better than the previous until I was very happy,” said Baker.

In 2013, Baker established the brewery in Bellport, Long Island. He also committed to brewing with at least 20% New York-sourced ingredients.

“[This is] important to us because any way we can support another local business, we all win. Also, local ingredients are generally better ingredients. From coffee to honey, local vegetables, and fruits we try to find something in each of our beers that were sourced locally. Every beer of ours start with a percentage of New York state-grown grain or base malt which appeases the mandatory requirement from the state. After that, [it] is our personal decision to use the local flavors of Long Island that fit the style of beer we are making. We are very blessed with our talented local farmers and producers,” said Baker.

You can sample his beers at our 3rd annual East End Craft Beer Festival on Friday, April 7th, 2017 at 7pm. With admission, you’ll get a souvenir tasting glass that you can use for unlimited samples of local craft beer, you’ll also be able to sample local spirits, and fare from local vendors, and get unlimited hors d’oeuvres, chili, and chowder by Bistro 72. Designated Driver Tickets will be available for $20 and include all food and non-alcoholic tastings. The critically-acclaimed, country-folk band Miles to Dayton will perform live as well. Tickets are $50 and available on TicketFly here. Invite your friends to the event on Facebook here.

“Beer Fest is a great time at such a great location,” said Baker. “Hotel Indigo is a beautiful, plush location and, unlike other events, they have a wide variety of samples for their guests. From beer to moonshine, wine, and other spirits and…food which is usually similar to a cocktail hour at a wedding is top notch. The facilities are amazing and they even have specials for reduced room rates during the event. Usually, the people at these events are more relaxed and are more interested in learning and trying more from each vendor.”

We hope to see you there!