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How to Propose to your Girlfriend

Dec Tips on How to Propose to Your Girlfriend

How to Propose to your Girlfriend

It’s the biggest time of year for engagements. And you’re not quite sure on how to propose to your girlfriend. Is the pressure weighing in on you? Finding the right ring, the right place and keeping it all under wraps might be difficult, but you are proposing to this girl for a reason. So, don’t get too nervous about the whole ordeal.

Hotel Indigo loves proposals, so we have come up with a few tips, from Men’s Fitness, on how to propose to your girlfriend.

The Ring

If you are ready to marry your girlfriend, I’m sure you have some idea of her style. Look online and in stores for different types of cuts and diamonds. Keep in mind the style you want to go for. Maybe your girlfriend is modest or likes glam. Is she old fashioned or modern? Figuring these things out will help you start a foundation for finding the perfect ring.

A huge stress about buying a ring is how much it costs. So, shop for what’s comfortable with your budget. Another great way to save money is to look at flawed rings. Sometimes flaws in diamonds can only be seen if it’s really magnified, but to the human eye, it still looks clear. Plus a little flaw gives it personality.

So, now you have the ring in mind and your money all saved up. Next you have to find the right size. You can do some serious self-esteem damage to your fiancé-to-be if you try to slip on that ring and it’s too small. Find out her ring size first. Take note of any rings she might wear on her ring finger. If you can, take that ring to the jeweler and they can tell you the size. If your girlfriend will notice her ring missing, the jewelers can send you a ring sizer.

The Location

Finding the right spot to propose is crucial. You want everything around your girlfriend to be perfect, without her expecting what you have planned. You can choose somewhere sentimental between the two of you. Or have a private moment alone together. Wherever it may be, the setting has to be right. If you’re stuck on a place to propose, we recommend Hotel Indigo. Cozy up next to the fire and drop the question. Or enjoy some fine dining at Bistro 72 and ask her right before dessert. You could even spend the weekend there as a mini celebration. Enjoy a couple’s massage and a wine tour. This is about you and your fiancé, so make it great!

The Cover Up

Don’t blow your cover. This takes a lot of planning and preparation. So, you don’t want to leave any clues laying around. Your girlfriend will definitely know you’re up to something. Try to remain cool, calm and collected. Any personality changes might have your girl suspicious. Finally, do not leave any statements, phone numbers or plans laying around. This includes deleting your web history of any jewelry stores, research and locations. If you leave any clues she will most likely dig further into finding out.

Stay confident! This is a special moment between the two of you. As long as you stick with these tips on how to propose to your girlfriend, the rest will fall into place. We wish you the best of luck for you and your fiancé-to-be!

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