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Feb Mambo Loco Live at the Indigo

During Long Island’s Live on the Vine Winterfest 2014, Hotel Indigo East End is thrilled to be hosting a number of talented musical guests at Bistro 72! We’ll be highlighting different featured artists on our blog every week, so make sure to check back for new posts every Friday! First up we’l be welcoming Mambo Loco back to our stage.

In 2005, Larry, Bill, Wayne, and Alfredo knew they had something special to bring to the stage when they formed Mambo Loco—the Long Island band that brings everybody onto the dance floor with their unique blend of Afro-Cuban and Puerto Rican music. They’ve become well-loved for bringing the best of “Old School” Latin and Latin Jazz music to venues all across Long Island.

Larry Belford, Mambo Loco’s lead vocalist and conguero, grew up on Long Island and his love for music started very early. He has an extensive performance history with many of New York’s best Latin groups, including the Bad Street Boys, Charlie Rodriguez, Johnny Pacheco, Roberto Torres, and Celia Cruz. His strong vocals and fiery drumming are a big reason Mambo Loco has built such a dedicated fan base.

Versatile musician Alfredo Gonzalez brought his jack-of-all-trades style to the band in 2007, taking on the role of trombone player, violinist, percussionist, and vocalist. Alfredo turned up the heat with his Latin flavor, and gave Mambo Loco’s sound the perfect kick to make it what it is today. He has previously played with Orquesta Mulenze and Manny Oquendo y Conjunto Libre.

Bill Smith, piano player, melody, and vocalist, brings such a variety of styles to the mix that everyone in the house will be up on their feet, because he’s got something to suit every musical palate. In addition to his performance history with acts such as the Skatilites, Monty Alexander, Dr. John, and Bakithi Kumalo, Bill also has a degree from Berklee College.

Another Berklee alumnus, Wayne Burgess is Mambo Loco’s bassist and additional vocalist. Wayne is considered the musical anchor of the group, and has many years of experience performing live throughout the country. From coast to coast, he’s performed with Orquesta Opa Opa, Johnny Martinez Orquesta, The Drifters, The Coasters, and Billy Ekstine.

Catch Mambo Loco Live at the Indigo on February 8th as part of Long Island’s Live on the Vine Winterfest 2014. You can check out the band on their Facebook page, YouTube, or on MamboLoco.com.