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Aug Celebrating GLBT Weddings at Hotel Indigo East End

At Hotel Indigo East End, “I Do” are two of our favorite words, and now that DOMA’s been declared unconstitutional, we hope to be hearing it even more often.

It’s crazy to think that in 2013 this is even something we need to discuss, but with nearly 20 million Americans identifying as queer, the development of progressive social movement, while well-overdue, is still cause for celebration. Our mission at Hotel Indigo East End is to provide our bridal couples with an unforgettable experience, and our arms and hearts are open to the entire GLBT community.

Think back to the ‘60s when interracial marriage was illegal—the concept is completely absurd. From our position at the forefront of social change, we’re excited to reach the time when we can look back on today with the same kind of ridicule. It’s easy to look at people as ‘other’ when they have attributes unlike our own, but the beautiful thing about love is that it’s not a noun, it’s a verb; love can’t be colored or gendered, it simply is what it is, and can it be shared by everyone.

Our hotel is located in beautiful Riverhead, the heart of Long Island’s East End. Just a stone’s throw from the North Fork, beaches and the Hamptons are right nearby. Our accommodations are spacious and welcoming, and our staff work ‘round-the-clock to ensure your needs are always met.

Your fairytale wedding is waiting for you at Hotel Indigo East End. Your options are endless, from a dinner menu designed especially for you by our chefs at Bistro 72, to an elegant soiree in our Ballroom, or perhaps a themed cocktail party on our Poolscape; whatever picture you have in mind for your special day, we’re waiting to paint it for you.

A lifelong love is something many people hope to find, and anyone who does deserves to celebrate—loud and proud—and Hotel Indigo East End looks forward to sharing many more fairytale weddings with the GLBT community to make their dreams come true.