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Mar Come See Jeff LeBlanc and The Dinny Keg Band at LI Winterfest

photo via soundtrack.mtv.com

LI Winterfest Live on the Vine 2014 is still going strong! Last weekend, Jesse Barnes of Take Berlin entertained everyone at Bistro 72, and The Cold Spring Harbor Band sang us a song (and then several more) by the Piano Man. This Friday, we’re pleased to welcome our friend Jeff LeBlanc back to Bistro 72 for the LI Winterfest Warm Up, and excited to be hosting The Dinny Keg Band in the Ballroom LIVE AT THE INDIGO.

To reacquaint yourself with Jeff LeBlanc, check our prelude to his last performance at Bistro 72 from Week 3 of LI Winterfest Live on the Vine!

Dinny Keague discovered his singing voice as a teenager in the 70s, and has been in love with music ever since. With his first band, Boomshanka, he recorded songs for the Janice Long show on BBC Radio 1 in the UK and the Angus McNally show, Borderline, on RTE Television. Boomshanka drew influence from bands such as U2, Simple Minds, Phil Lynott, and the rest of the 80s music scene. Dinny came to find that his musical talent is not limited to vocals—he eventually learned to play the drums, guitar, and bass. When the economy in Ireland took a turn for the worse, Dinny immigrated to the US to pursue a better life for his family.

photo via glenmunozmusic.com

When he arrived in the States in 1988, he auditioned for a number of bands that were instantly attracted to his raw talent. He joined The Racket in the early 90s, and played well-known clubs such as The Lime Light, China Club, CBGB’s, and The Bitter End. In 2000, Dinny formed the KFM Band with fellow musicians Glen Munoz and Peter Farrell. The trio recorded their first full-length album, Coming Clean, and a subsequent three-song EP called Percolated in 2004. While he still collaborates with the KFM Band, his most recent endeavor has been with the Dinny Keg Band, which he started in 2006 with his close friends, Tom McPhillips, Paul O’Hara, and John O’Hara.

The Dinny Keg Band is well-traveled, and has played in many historically significant music studios throughout the world. In 2008, The Dinny Keg Band travelled to Memphis, TN to lay down tracks at Sun Studio. In 2010, they travelled to Los Angeles, CA to record several songs at the famous Sunset Sound Studios. In 2012, The Dinny Keg Band flew across the pond to London to record at Abby Road Studios.

We look forward to seeing you this weekend for Jeff LeBlanc at the LI Winterfest Warm Up and The Dinny Keg Band LIVE AT THE INDIGO!