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Jun Dream on a Dime: Tips for Planning a Long Island Wedding on a Budget

Planning the wedding of your dreams should be one of the happiest times of your life. When it comes to the nitty-gritty of wedding planning, however, sometimes you’re met with a less-than-pleasant surprise. Checking off every item on your must-have list — from the dress to location, flowers to cuisine, photos to entertainment — can come with a steep price tag. And planning a Long Island wedding on a budget can feel nearly impossible. This is one of the most important days of your life, and you want it to look and feel that way.

So, how do you pull it off? Hotel Indigo has some ideas for you on how to plan an affordable Long Island wedding.

What does your average Long Island wedding look like?

First, let’s deal with reality: A wedding on Long Island usually doesn’t come cheap. Long Island is one of the most scenic places in the country, so for a wedding on the beach or at a vineyard estate, you’re going to need some deep pockets.

For the Long Island area, Cost of Wedding estimates that a small wedding (around 50 people) might cost around $30,000, and large one (300+) could reach near $100,000. Value Penguin also puts the average Long Island wedding around $50,000.

Then there’s The Hamptons. Time.com says that for a Hamptons wedding at a Gurney’s Montauk Resort and Seawater Spa, one might shell out $95,000 for 100 guests during peak season. Here Comes the Guide also puts a fancy Hamptons wedding around $250-$350 per guest.

Have your cake and eat it too

If you can think of better ways to spend your money, then so can we. Here’s 12 tried-and-true suggestions for some budget reduction:

1.   Skip the peak season

Long Island is just as beautiful in the fall as it is in the summer. Not getting married in June can deliver significant cost savings to your budget.

2.   Skip the peak day

Speaking of peak season, you’ll keep more money in your pocket by choosing any other day besides Saturday.

3.   Skip the cake

Some couples are forgoing a fancy, tiered cake and offering unique dessert alternatives instead. This can make your wedding really stand out – and save you money.

4.   Skip the programs

Many couples are eliminating wedding ceremony programs. It’s an option most of your guests probably won’t miss, and you won’t miss spending that extra money.

5.   Plan ahead

A long engagement means that you can do more research into your options, and you’ll probably save money by booking early.

6.   Prioritize

Focus on what’s important and what’s not as important. What is a must for you and your partner, and what can you live without?

7.   Go online

Invitations with intricate etching and designs are absolutely beautiful and can set the tone for your wedding, but many couples are choosing a more modern and less-costly option by sharing all their details via the world wide web.

8.   Put brunch on the menu

Speaking of modern, you might want to consider serving brunch over dinner. Besides being a delicious and trendy option, you can save money on alcohol by offering select beverages like mimosas and a coffee bar.

9.   Go local

Are you dreaming of a maestro on a grand piano for your ceremony or a live cover band for your reception? It might help your budget to go digging through overlooked places. Hit up the area’s local bands or scope out a university or music school for talented musicians willing to entertain for a smaller fee.

10. Call in the troops

Use your network of family and friends. Do you have some crafty connections? Consider creating your own wedding décor, even your own bouquets. Does your inner circle include a musical connoisseur? Ask a friend to be your DJ for the night. A computer, a good music library, and a reliable sound system can do the entertaining for a lot, lot less than contracting a professional.

11. Secondhand hand-up

Put less stress on your budget by shopping secondhand. Everything from designer dresses to décor can be found online, and the money you save can go to other important things like your honeymoon.

12. Keep it all together

Last but not least, opt to have your ceremony and reception all in one place.

There are several budget-friendly reasons for this. One, you can skip the limos. Two, you can make your décor do double-duty by moving it from the ceremony to reception area. Better yet, you can have your ceremony and reception in one place. Right after you say, “I do”, your guests can relax at their tables and enjoy cocktail hour.

Hotels also usually offer wedding packages that save you money.

One last suggestion: Consider the value of a Hotel Indigo wedding

It’s all about location. Hotel Indigo is located on Long Island’s beautiful East End, and besides our diverse, modern, and inviting settings, we offer the convenience of our bridal suites, hospitality suites, guest rooms, ceremony and reception spots all in one place.

Speaking of settings, Hotel Indigo offers many different possibilities for hosting your ceremony and reception. Whether you want an indoor or outdoor wedding, or a bit of both, Hotel Indigo has an ideal location for you:

  • Indigo Ballroom
  • Bar & Lounge
  • Gazebo & Lawn
  • Outdoor Patio
  • Poolscape
  • Private Dining Room

We hope that your wedding is everything you dreamed it be, and a wonderful beginning to a new lifetime of happiness.

Speak with one of our wedding professionals at Hotel Indigo and start designing the wedding of your dreams – 631.548.1209.