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Mar Long Island Winterfest Live On The Vine 2014 Recap

The past seven weeks have been absolutely incredible on Long Island’s beautiful East End, and we’re sad to say goodbye to Long Island Winterfest Live on the Vine 2014. This year’s festival was full of great music, food, and friends, and we were proud to be a part of the celebration of the East End experience. LI Winterfest is an opportunity for people from all over the island to come out East and get a genuine feel for what our community has to offer, and to remind all the up-island folks that we’re open all year ‘round, not just during the summer.

Here’s a recap of all of the Winterfest Warm Up performances at Bistro 72, and the LIVE AT THE INDIGO performances in our Ballroom:

February 7-8: Gail Storm brought her classic blues and jazz to the lounge at Bistro 72 on Friday night, and Mambo Loco threw a ¡fiesta loca! on Saturday night and had everyone dancing to their spicy, Latin sound.

February 14-15: Alexander Clough’s cool jazz extinguished the heat Mambo Loco left in their wake, and his smooth tunes filled the whole room on Friday. On Saturday, Gene Casey and the Lone Sharks took us on a musical trip down South for some country western fun!

February 21-22: Jeff LeBlanc, otherwise known as “the new John Mayer,” won everyone over with his beautiful voice, while he sang a collection of popular hits that everyone knows and loves. Vinny St. Marten and the Seeing Eye Dog Band sang us the blues on Saturday.

February 28-March 1: We had Dave March of Miles to Dayton come to play the Winterfest Warm Up at Bistro 72 on Friday, where he played a solo set that rocked the house. Morris Goldberg and Ojoyo brought the Indigo Ballroom to life when they filled it with their renowned jazz sound.

March 7-8: Jesse Barnes had just returned from a European tour with his group, Take Berlin, when he came to play the lounge at Bistro 72. That Saturday, the Ballroom was absolutely packed with fans of Long Island legend Billy Joel for The Cold Spring Harbor Band’s tribute set. Our full house came alive with people dancing the night away to their favorite Billy hits.

March 14-15: We hadn’t gotten enough of Jeff LeBlanc the first time around, so he came back to spoil us again with his sweet melodies. On Saturday, we had a St. Patrick’s Day celebration with the Irish Dinny Keg Band, who rocked out to some Irish tunes, including U2!

March 21-22: Our closing weekend finished strong, with Miles to Dayton completely packing out Bistro 72 on Friday night, and Bakithi Kumalo entertaining us with his funky fretless bass on Saturday, right off the Paul Simon tour!

We want to extend our most sincere gratitude to the talented musicians who made the performances at Bistro 72 and Hotel Indigo East End possible this year. Bakithi Kumalo, Dave March and Miles to Dayton, Jeff LeBlanc, The Dinny Keg Band, Morris Goldberg and Ojoyo, Jesse Barnes, The Cold Spring Harbor Band, Vinny St. Marten and the Seeing Eye Dog Band, Alexander Clough, Gene Casey and the Lone Sharks, Gail Storm, and Mambo Loco, you were all fantastic, and had everyone in our lounge and Ballroom on their feet and having a great time.