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Pet Friendly

May Not Only Pet Friendly Hotel Indigo East End is Pet Preferred

Pet Friendly

We know you love your pets, and we love ours too.  After all, they’re family.  Your East End memories will only be more memorable, with your furry friend tagging along by your side.  And that’s why at Hotel Indigo East End, not only are we pet friendly, we’re pet preferred.  We are East End’s only pet friendly hotel, and we pride ourselves in that.  The policy at Hotel Indigo East End is lenient, so that you can enjoy more time with your pet, and less time worrying about the rules.  Cats and dog are allowed everywhere on the premises, except the restaurant and pool area.  Each room comfortably accommodates one cat or dog at just $50 dollars per stay.  We hope that your furry friends will have fun throughout the duration of their stay but keep in mind, any damage to the property is the owner’s responsibility. So make sure you keep them leashed, or securely handled.  Now, pack a leash, some toys, and a treat or two; there are plenty of scenic area’s in the Riverhead locale for your pet and you to explore and enjoy.

For more details on rules and restrictions click here.

Feel free to share your pet friendly photos, of your pet and you having fun at our Hotel, on our Facebook Timeline.  We look forward to hearing from you.  Enjoy your stay and thank you for choosing Hotel Indigo East End.