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May Restaurant Hunter Visits Bistro 72

Many Long Island locals have had the opportunity to dive into Chef James’ culinary masterpieces that he crafts at Bistro 72, whether they joined us for a meal in our dining room, or caught us at one of the many expos we’ve attended (like Harvest East End!). Last week, we had the pleasure of hosting FIOS1’s Restaurant Hunter Rob Petrone, to delight his taste buds with one of Chef James’ signature dishes.

Restaurant Hunter documents Petrone’s travels throughout Long Island, as he visits local hot spots that are well-known for their delicious spreads. Anywhere that there’s a hidden gem of an eatery on Long Island, you can be sure Restaurant Hunter will scout it out and shine the spotlight right on it! We were thrilled that they journeyed out to Long Island’s beautiful East End to pay us a visit, and we’re pretty sure they were thrilled to have gotten a taste of Chef James’ Chickpea Encrusted Chicken Milanese!

The Chickpea Encrusted Chicken Milanese is one of Chef James’ most well-loved dishes, and he was proud to give the Restaurant Hunters a run through of his process from preparation to presentation. When Petrone sat down to dine in the Bistro 72 lounge, he fell head over heels into his meal! The dish is gluten-free and light, absolutely perfect for a summer dinner. Restaurant Hunters also spent some time chatting with other Bistro 72 patrons, who all shared high praises for the food and service they received that night.

The new 30-minute show premieres new episodes at 8pm on Thursday nights on FIOS1. The episode featuring Bistro 72 is scheduled to air in early May, so we’ll be sure to keep you posted when we find out the official air date! You can check in with us on Facebook so you don’t miss the announcement.

We would like to thank Emmy-winner Rob Petrone and the whole team from Restaurant Hunter for coming to visit us and for sharing their fabulous experience at Bistro 72 with the rest of Long Island on everyone’s favorite local station, FIOS1!