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Aug Cold Brew, Fresh from Long Island’s North Fork

Something good is always brewing on Long Island’s North Fork and when that brew is coffee, thoughts of our first drink of the day come to mind.  But in this 24 hour a day world we live in, coffee is often more than just a morning lift, it’s all too often the drink that gets us right on through to night.  Enter cold brew, and the North Fork Roasting Company.

Coffee is big business with the world consuming close to 2.25 billion cups of java everyday, and the Netherlands consumes the world’s largest per capita averaging 2.4 cups of coffee per person, per day. In the U.S. New Yorkers drink almost 7 times more coffee than other cities. With a lot of coffee comes great expectations and if you’re a New Yorker, the bar is set high which always leads us on the search for the perfect cup. So if you find yourself on the North Fork of Long Island, then be sure to check out North Fork Roasting Co. in Southold.

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On Valentine’s Day in 2015, founders Jennilee Morris and Jess Dunne opened the small batch artisanal shop combining their passion and experience of specialty craft coffee and culinary delights. It was quickly apparent that this wasn’t just another coffee shop when the roasters opened their doors to “a standing room only crowd.” The roasters have maintained and increased in popularity not only with the summer tourists crowd, but also with the locals year round.

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Jennilee is a graduate of the Institute for Culinary Education and is also a North Fork chef for Grace and Grit Catering. North Fork Roasting Co.’s delicious menu utilizes local vendors including Browders Birds, North Fork Egg Farm, KK’s Farm (Ira Haspel), Backyard Brine, Deep Roots Farm and The Farm. The coffee shop also offers coffee catering both self-serve and full-service that includes coffee buffet bars that can include their specialty brew bar.

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Their delicious and uplifting line of Cold Brew coffee can be purchased at any of these locations: Southold IGA, Little Creek Oysters, Greenport Harbor Brewery, Greenport Market, Sylvester Manor – The Gatehouse, Raphael Vineyards, Osprey’s Dominion and now if you are staying at our hotel, you can find it in Hotel Indigo’s Grab n’ Go at the front desk. If you don’t already have a reservation at Hotel Indigo, call 631.369.2200 ext. 0 for room pricing and packages. We’ll have a cold brew waiting for you.