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Sep Spa Services

Rest your mind and body with Hotel Indigo’s calming spa services. Our team of qualified massage therapists will tailor your spa experience to your specific needs. Whether you seek to relieve muscle tension, reduce stress, or simply relax in our luxurious spa, our accommodating staff will help you to indulge in all our spa has to offer.


Spa IconHotel Indigo Signature Massage
A full body massage that promotes relaxation, eases muscle tension and creates an over all feeling of well-being and peace.
60 Min. $110 | 90 Min. $140

Spa IconDeep Tissue Massage
A focused and specific massage with slow pressure, to access the deep tissues of the body and relieve chronic muscle tension.
60 Min. $130 | 90 Min. $160

Spa IconHot Stone Massage
An ancient healing treatment using heated smooth, flat basalt stones placed on pressure points of the body to promote deep relaxation, improve circulation & calm the nervous system.
60 Min. $135 | 90 Min. $165