Rest your mind and body with hotel spa services at Indigo East End. Our team of qualified
massage therapists will tailor your spa experience to your specific needs. Whether you
seek to relieve muscle tension, reduce stress, or simply relax in our luxurious hotel spa,
our accommodating staff will help you to indulge in all our spa has to offer.

Hotel Indigo Signature Massage


A full body massage that promotes relaxation, eases muscle tension and creates an over all feeling of well-being and peace.


Deep Tissue Massage


A focused and specific massage with slow pressure, to access the deep tissues of the body and relieve chronic muscle tension.


Hot Stone Massage


An ancient healing treatment using heated smooth, flat basalt stones placed on pressure points of the body to promote deep relaxation, improve circulation & calm the nervous system.


Prenatal Massage


A peaceful and relaxing treatment specialized for the Mom-to-be! Long gliding strokes and kneading of tired muscles helps to relieve tension and reduce swelling commonly associated with pregnancy. Our expert therapists are specifically trained to provide a safe and beneficial massage to our pregnant clients.


Add on: Sugar Foot Scrub


Our all natural Sugar Scrub is made in the spa with brown sugar, massage oil and pure, all-natural essential oils. Its naturally hydrating ingredients will relax, rejuvenate and restore tired, achy feet.


Add on: Moisturizing Foot Balm


Our all natural Foot Balm is made in the spa with coconut cream and pure, all-natural essential oils. It’s naturally hydrating and soothing to the whole body. Soothe and protect your feet with a moisturizing foot balm treatment!


Add on: Total Foot Rejuvenation


Our Total Foot Rejuvenation package combines both the Sugar Foot Scrub and the Moisturizing Foot Balm into your massage treatment!


Add on: Aromatherapy


Elevate your relaxation experience by adding essential oils to your treatment. Essential oils are proven to promote an overall sense of well-being and relaxation.