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Feb Take A Stroll Down The East End’s Love Lane

Drive 20 minutes north past the Target, the Costco, Tanger Outlets, past a long stretch of wineries, breweries, farm stands, and you’ll eventually cross paths with Mattituck’s Love Lane. It’s the perfect place to go outside of your mainstream shops and get a little local flavor. Take a  stroll down Love Lane to see what the North Fork is all about. Here’s a few of our favorites:

The Beauty Apothecary
95 Love Lane

Mattituck-native and Beauty Apothecary owner Pamela Davis started this business after she was diagnosed with breast cancer and was in need of healthy skin care products herself. The Beauty Apothecary provides 100% toxin-free skincare, beauty, hair and scent products from around the world. All of their items are certified free of parabens, petroleum, pesticides, synthetic fragrances and dyes and other carcinogens.
She told the Northforker “I learned that synthetic fragrance is the number one hormone destructor and I used perfume all the time,” Davis said. “Then when I realized synthetic fragrance was in everything, including the skincare I was using, the soap in my shower, I told my family — while I was going through chemo — that I was opening a shop.”
The Beauty Apothecary is open for last-minute Valentine’s Day shopping Monday, 2/13 and Tuesday, 2/14 from 10am to 4pm, but their usual hours are Thursday through Sunday from 10am to 4pm.

Love Lane Kitchen
240 Love Lane

Love Lane Kitchen’s Owner Carolyn Iannone came into possession of the restaurant through her relationships with those in the wine and restaurant industry on the East End. She worked at the Jedediah Hawkins Inn, learned the business, made more friends on the North Fork’s wine trail, and eventually became a certified sommelier. In 2012, the option to buy the Kitchen came around and Iannone took over.

She told the Love Lane Kitchen blog that “The vibe [of the Kitchen] is very welcoming—you come in, you make your own coffee, the tables are close together, people chat with one another. There’s a wonderful living room feel. It’s very family, and I think people can feel that when they walk through the door” and “We cook seasonally with as many local ingredients as possible.”

Love Lane Kitchen is open 7 days a week. Monday – Friday it’s open 7am – 4pm, opening for dinner only on Mondays and Fridays from 5pm – 930pm. Saturdays and Sundays the Kitchen opens 8am – 4pm and 5pm – 930pm.

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Roanoke Vineyards Wine Bar
165 Love Lane

In 2006, Gabby Pisacano, Roanoke’s first Vineyard Master began to experiment in the twelve easternmost rows of Cabernet Franc. He made sure each grape was getting enough sunlight and refused to use any chemicals. He ensured each cluster could feel the sea breeze to keep it dry and rot-free. He visited the vines twice a day to monitor the fruit throughout the season. The results–the New York Times called Gabby’s first vintage “balletic,” and now Gabby’s philosophies are the standard maintained in the vineyard.

Roanoke writes on their website “You’ll often see us pulling weeds, but you won’t see us applying glyphosate. Our wines are fermented in BPA-free stainless steel vats, and we refuse to embrace screwcap closures that expose the wine to toxins found in plastic… Environmentally sound vineyard practices are essential for the land, the future, and to create truly fine wines.”

Roanoke Vineyards Wine Bar is open Sunday – Thursday, 11am – 6pm, Fridays, 11am – 7pm and Saturdays, 11am – 9pm. Check them out to get a taste of their highly-rated wines.

All in all, there’s tons to do on the East End’s Love Lane. If you need a place to spend the night, make a reservation at Hotel Indigo Long Island – East End by calling (631) 369-2200 ext. 0 or visiting us online here. Be sure to check out our Sweetheart Stay Package as well.