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Mar The Cold Spring Harbor Band and Jesse Barnes Play LI Winterfest 2014

We’re gearing up for another weekend of Long Island Winterfest Live on the Vine—are you ready? Last weekend we had Dave March entertaining our guests at Bistro 72 for the Winterfest Warm Up, and Morris Goldberg and Ojoyo filled the Indigo Ballroom with their festive sound. This weekend we’re pleased to welcome Jesse Barnes home to New York after a month-long European tour, as he plays a solo set at Bistro 72, and The Cold Spring Harbor Band will be taking the stage in the Indigo Ballroom to get us feelin’ alright.

Jesse Barnes is a guitarist and composer who grew up listening to hip-hop and shining shoes in his father’s barbershop on the east side of Cleveland. He started playing guitar at local blues clubs while he was in high school, and continued on his musical journey to play venues in New Orleans, Chicago, and even Brazil. When he’s in the States, he calls Brooklyn home, but his music takes him all over the world. While performing in Germany at the Baltic Soul Festival, he met another artist named Yvonne Ambree, and ran into her again while performing in Scotland. The two joined musical forces, and became a duo called Take Berlin. They concluded a month-long tour of Switzerland and Germany just last week. Jesse will be performing a solo show at Bistro 72 tonight, and the pair will be performing at Bedell Cellars on Saturday.

We hope you’re all in the mood for a melody, because The Cold Spring Harbor Band will be jamming to some Billy Joel hits LIVE AT THE INDIGO. The men who make up The Cold Spring Harbor Band are all friends whose day jobs vary significantly, but their passion for music brings them together to pay tribute to the Long Island legend. The guys all knew that Pat Farrell, their vocalist and pianist, sounds, looks, and plays so much like Billy that they had to put something together to play some of his classics. Pat is actually a six time Grammy contender and voting member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, and plays 120 shows a year with his alpine rock band, Die Schlauberger. Lead guitarist Lou Kouvaris has also spent some time in the musical spotlight with his rock band Riot in his twenties; they had a large following in Europe. The rest of the guys, Robert Goebel on guitar and synthesizer, Nick Cangemi on drums and percussion, Paul Tuthill on alto/baritone saxophone, and Peter Salvato on bass and backup vocals are all in bands of their own, but came together to bring The Cold Spring Harbor Band to life.

Be sure to check Jesse Barnes out tonight at the Winterfest Warm Up at Bistro 72, and then forget about life for a while with us this Saturday LIVE AT THE INDIGO and dance the night away to your Billy Joel favorites!