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Jul What We Love About North Fork Potato Chips

Long Island has a storied history around potatoes. At the peak of potato production, 70,000 acres of the crop were grown by over 1,000 different farmers on LI. Though a significant amount of the land used to grow potatoes has been given over to new developments and other crops, the hearty vegetable is still a staple of Long Island agriculture.

Enter: North Fork Potato Chips. Martin Sidor Farms of Mattituck dates back to 1910 and after generations of growing fresh produce on the North Fork, Martin and his wife Carol realized they had to get creative in the evolving landscape of small agriculture.

The result of that creativity is what we now know as North Fork Potato Chips. Martin Sidor Farms is one of the only farms left in the country that both grows the potatoes and produces their own chips. After a series of informal taste tests, the brand was born and was a huge success. North Fork Potato Chips are now sold by the caseload.

What we love about these delectable snacks is simple: their flavor. The chips are kettle cooked with all-natural sunflower oil. They are sliced thick which gives them an irresistible crunch and the thick cut and sunflower oil lend to a delicious potato flavor. Sidor Farms only uses the best potato varieties for chipping.

Today, along with the classic salted potato chip, North Fork sells barbeque, sweet potato, sour cream & onion, cheddar & onion, salt & vinegar, and rosemary & garlic varieties. We offer them as a side with our sandwiches and they are available for purchase at the hotel.