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Sep 2013 Things to Do in the Hamptons—Fall 2013 Guide

The autumn season has just begun, and the East End of Long Island is bustling with festive, fun events for you and your family! We’ve done a bit of research into the happenings out here, and have decided there’s just too much excitement to pack...

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Sep 2013 Walker Cup 2013: A Historical Homecoming

The Walker Cup golf tournament is a contest deeply rooted in American history. It began in 1922, after the end of World War I, as a light-hearted way to bring the United States, Great Britain and Ireland back together. George Herbert Walker, the grandfather of...

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Aug 2013 Rehearsal Dinner At Hotel Indigo East End

At Hotel Indigo East End, we know that Long Island’s Wine Country is the premiere location for weddings. Not only is there an abundance of picturesque vineyards to host beautiful ceremonies, but we’re also surrounded by beaches for miles. The East End has a venue...

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Aug 2013 Recap of Harvest East End

This past Saturday, McCall Vineyard and Ranch in Cutchogue hosted Harvest East End 2013, a celebration of the 40th anniversary of Long Island Wine Country. The event featured a wide variety of tasty treats and a selection of wine to please every palate. Not only...

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Aug 2013 Celebrating GLBT Weddings at Hotel Indigo East End

At Hotel Indigo East End, “I Do” are two of our favorite words, and now that DOMA’s been declared unconstitutional, we hope to be hearing it even more often. It’s crazy to think that in 2013 this is even something we need to discuss, but...

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Jul 2013 Weekly Live Music On Long Islands East End

A Hotel Indigo East End Staple: Live MusicWith a location in the heart of Long Island’s East End, Hotel Indigo has worked to become an integral part of the local culture.  Through collaboration and partnership with locals and visitors alike, Hotel Indigo has achieved destination...

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Jul 2013 The Poolscape at Hotel Indigo East End

With temperatures rising from 90 to a 100 degrees and higher, we invite you to beat the heat this summer at Hotel Indigo East End.  We bring the luxury of our hotel outdoors with a stylishly furnished Poolscape, elegant gazebos, communal fireplace, comfortable patio and...

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